How to Carefully Hide Sensitive Photos on Your Smartphone

How to Carefully Hide Sensitive Photos on Your Smartphone

Range Govindan
May 11, 2012

Whether it's because you like taking racy pictures or you're storing photos of some your essentials (like your prescriptions, driver's license or your passport), it's safe to say that you should be careful with sensitive photos because, as hackers have proven time and time again, phones can be hacked. Here's how to hide them smartly.

In order to hide your photos safely, you'll need to use one of the popular free messengers, like LINE, WeChat, or Whatsapp. These cross-platform messengers mimic text messaging but they've got the benefit of using a data connection to send their content, safely bypassing the text messaging charges from your carrier. LINE and Whatsapp even have desktop counterparts.

  • Download and install one of these messengers. They are all free, except Whatsapp for iOS which costs $0.99.
  • Create your main account using your phone number.
  • Create a second, secure account.
  • Make it as invisible as possible. Some of the messengers allow you to hide it from everybody. Allow only your main account to be a contact.
  • Message your sensitive photos to this account from your main account.
  • Delete your sensitive photos from your phone.

This means that your sensitive photos are no longer stored in your phone's memory directly. Granted, a very talented hacker will probably find a way to get to them, but they are safe from most prying eyes. When you need access to them, you'll need to open up the right chat and download them. It requires a few more steps than if you had them on your phone, but we've found it pretty straightforward. It also removes sensitive photos from your camera roll or photo folder, which has its perks as well.

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