SMELLIT: Smell-o-Vision Comes One Step Closer To Reality

SMELLIT: Smell-o-Vision Comes One Step Closer To Reality

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 13, 2009

It seems we're not the only ones that think 3-D might not be the next big step to improve our joy of watching television, but how comfortable is everyone with the concept of smell? It's hard to imagine how excruciating it would be to watch a character step in a pile of you-know-what and have the smell emitted to the audience, but those are the types of memorable experiences Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira hopes to achieve with his newest concept, SMELLIT. On the bright side, one could only wonder what a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory would be like if this tech ever came into production...

"SMELLIT works just like your printer, but instead of ink cartridges, it works with smell cartridges. As your DVD player reads the video and sound information from your favourite DVD disc, SMELLIT processes the same DVD, but the "smell CARD" decodes all the smell information from 10 to 20 seconds* ahead of the actual scene so the odours have time to reach the spectators."

"After decoding the smell information, the cartridge vaporizes a very small amount off concentrated "smell gel", and the central fan distributes equally the smell in all directions. It can be loaded with 118 cartridges, each one with a different concentrated "smell gel". All the cartridges can be easily changed and last 3 times more than a regular ink cartridge."

The smells are then "projected " to the audience through a small on-board fan located near the front of the device.

You've got us sold, Nuno. So when do we get to give this bad boy a try?

[via Dvice]

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