'Smokey' Concept Silences Smoke (False) Alarms

'Smokey' Concept Silences Smoke (False) Alarms

Taryn Williford
May 19, 2009

You know how sometimes when you're in the kitchen cooking a big meal, the smoke alarm goes off? And then you have to wave an oven mitt around in the hallway until the excruciatingly annoying thing stops wailing? And then you get back to cooking and joke about how the smoke alarm wouldn't work if there was a real fire? Yeah, none of those things are going to happen anymore if this "Smokey: The Smoke Alarm Silencer" concept makes it to stores...

When coupled with a compatible smoke alarm, Smokey can wirelessly communicate (thanks to an XBee chip) and tell the darn thing to just shut up.

You just pop smokey onto the fridge door and fry up as much stuff as you want until you hear that smoke detector. When you press Smokey's hand, the sound should stop for long enough to turn down the heat and clear some of the smoke.

This method of saving your eardrums is a much safer option than yanking out batteries, especially if you're the type to forget to put them back in.

As an added bonus, when the alarm is not going off, Smokey is still handy as a kitchen timer. To set the timer, pull his left arm down and an LCD screen on Smokey's belly will scroll through minutes 0-60.

Via Yanko Design

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