The $12 Etsy Secret for Always Putting the Sheets on Right the First Time

updated May 3, 2019
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There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think changing sheets is NBD and the rest of us, a.k.a. those who wind up grabbing the wrong size from our linen closets on the regular.

The truth is, changing your sheets can be a real chore if your sheets aren’t organized in the first place. But fret not my friends, there’s a product out there designed to make switching out your bed sheets a bit more of a breeze.

(Image credit: snaponbeddinglabel/Etsy)

Get them: Snap-On Bedding Labels, $13 for 4

Available in Single/Twin, Double/Full, Queen, and King

What They Are

Snap-on sheet labels. Small, sweet, and straight to the point, these snap-on sheet labels from Etsy are a game changer for your linen closet. Along with keeping all of your extra bedding nicely organized by indicating their size, these concise cuties are also designed to help you orient your sheets before putting them on the bed—so you put them on the right way every time. And the best part is: They’ll only set you back for less than 13 bucks!

(Image credit: snaponbeddinglabel/Etsy)

How to Use Them

Simply snap on the proper label to your sheets and duvet covers according to size and voila: No more wondering what sheet size is what—no sewing or ironing necessary! And if you make a point to use a consistent position to mark each sheet (i.e. snap on the labels at the bottom left side of each sheet), you’ll always know which direction to put them on so no more placing sheets sideways!

Even better, these non-damaging labels will stay put in the washing machine, so there’s no need to remove them before doing laundry. Just snap and stash, and you’ll be good to go.

And since each set comes with four standard sizing labels (king, queen, double/full, and single/twin sizes), one pack of these handmade wonders will have you on the road to spare-bed-sheet bliss in no time. You and your beautiful linen closet can thank us later.