Sneak Peek of Poketo Laptop Bags and Totes for Target

Our friends at Poketo just sent this small collection of preview images of their upcoming line of fall season accessories for Target, all embellished with artwork from 21 international artists and available next month. Notable for the fashionable Unplggd crowd are the various totes, messenger bags and laptop cases that bring Poketo’s philosophy of “art for your everyday” to your tech travel needs.

The Poketo for Target collection includes designs by:  

  • Betsy Walton
  • Camilla Engman
  • Catalina Estrada
  • Cole Gerst
  • Dan Funderburgh
  • DGPH
  • Joe Rogers
  • Kate Bingaman-Burt
  • Katharina Leuzinger
  • Leah Chun
  • Leif Parsons
  • Lisa Congdon
  • MAKI
  • Marco Cibola
  • Melissa Contreras
  • Mike Perry
  • Niels Oeltien
  • Oksana Badrak
  • Peskimo
  • Pietari Posti
  • Silvia Portella

Stay tuned for more information over at Poketo; on August 2nd the team over at Poketo launch a preview site (currently it’s just a teaser), followed by the Target line’s official launch on August 10th.