Sneaky Décor

Sneaky Décor

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 11, 2010

Glancing through our twitter feed last night, one of our friend's tweets caught our eye and made us laugh: "I leave for one pilates class and my husband hangs a guitar on the wall." When two different tastes and two different styles converge under one roof, do the individual parties sometimes have to sneak in décor when the other is not looking?

I was lucky with my last place; my live-in partner wasn't too interested in the aesthetics of the apartment so I had free reign with the décor. I certainly consulted with him over important issues like furniture placement, but color schemes, patterns and textures weren't really of his concern. I've struck luck again with my current roommate, with us both sharing a similar style and having no problem filling the new place up with stuff.

After I replied to the same twitter friend about the possible inclusion of her bemused tweet on Apartment Therapy, she replied back that after three years of marriage, she still has troubles accepting some of her husband's stuff (and is grateful for a basement). But, I've seen photos of their previous home and know that they both, in the long run, create a beautiful home together.

Have you ever "snuck" décor elements into your home while your roommate/live-in partner was away? Have you ever come home to discover a new item incorporated while you weren't there? Was the subject ever broached, or do sneaky décor decisions go undiscussed in your place?

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Photos: Adrienne Breaux

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