Snow Removal Etiquette

Snow Removal Etiquette

Regina Yunghans
Feb 4, 2011

Okay, this post is really just an outlet for my frustrations. But I thought that given the weather many of us have experienced over the last few days, such an outlet might be needed for lots of others out there, too. I'll gripe to you after the jump, then let's hear of your snow-removal frustrations in the comments at the end of the post:

I'll start by saying that my husband and I are new parents, so we're both going on just a few hours of sleep each day. The morning after the latest big snowfall my husband dragged himself outside to shovel the sidewalks. He did a meticulous job, as it was a sunny morning and shoveling down to the pavement assured him the snowy bits would melt away quickly leaving a nice, dry sidewalk by midday.

Instead, something else happened midday. Street plows came through the neighborhood and pushed all of the street snow up onto our sidewalks. We're talking 3-foot piles along the entire length of his handiwork! When he saw this happening before his very eyes from inside of our house, he threw on his coat and hurried outside to talk to the plow operator. "Not my problem", was essentially the response he was given.

It has now taken two days, and we've convinced the snow removal company to return and plow the giant piles from our sidewalk. However, what's left behind is hardly a clean sidewalk and, though they've reassured us that they will return to remove the rest more closely, that has yet to happen.

Have you ever had your home's hand-shoveled sidewalks covered over by street snow removal? I was surprised that this happened, but maybe it's more common than I know. Any advice? An even worse story to share? Let us know of your trials in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member bee wolf ray, licensed for use under Creative Commons

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