These Towels are the Reason I’ll Never Go Back to Terry Cloth Again

updated Oct 17, 2019
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Close your eyes and imagine the perfect bath towel. It’s probably fluffy and oversized, and soft like a cloud (if clouds actually felt like anything). It’s most likely something you can wrap yourself in and feel warm and cozy. For a long time (my whole life), this is what I always envisioned the perfect bath towel to be, even though I’ve always felt a little disillusioned by fluffy towels. Sure they’re soft, but many of them aren’t really absorbent, and my number one bath towel “thing” is something that gets me dry quickly.

And then, suddenly, my world opened up. I discovered Snowe’s Honeycomb bath towel. I was wary at first, as one so often is when something new and amazing just waltzes in. First of all, the Honeycomb doesn’t look or feel like a bath towel at all. It’s super lightweight with a puckered texture that honestly feels confusing at first. What is this and why isn’t it terry cloth? It’s not that it’s not soft (because it is!), it’s just that it’s a different soft. It almost feels gauzy, which is not often (or ever) associated with towels.

But! The! Absorbency! Reader, I was stunned. Not sure what to expect, I gingerly started patting down my arms. The water was wicked away immediately. I feel like with traditional towels, you have to really rub them into your skin a few times to get dry, but with the Honeycomb a light once over is all that was needed. I was dry in a minute, confidently going about the rest of my post-shower routine without getting water on the ground or feeling cold.

The one downside is that it lacks the overall warm and cozy feel of a terry cloth towel. If you like to lounge in a towel for hours, this might not be for you. Personally, I don’t like hanging out in a damp towel and typically throw on a robe or my clothes pretty quickly after showering, so this isn’t a problem. I do love that it dries super quickly, which makes me feel like it’s less of a breeding ground for germs than a normal towel. (This might not be true at all but it makes me happy so I don’t care.)

Credit: Snowe

Here are the stats: The Honeycomb is made of long-staple cotton that gets its unique texture from a special wash process. It comes in three colors (I chose slate and love it), and is also available as a bathrobe too. And the price isn’t bad either: One bath towel costs $22, which is certainly on the high end compared to ultra budget-friendly options, but totally worth it for the one-of-a-kind feel and luxury quality.

If you’re unfamiliar with Snowe, you should definitely check it out—it’s one of our favorites brands for everyday home goods (like sheets), and everything is simple, well-made, and durable. Snowe also sells a classic bath towel that I’ve tried and love, with a mid-weight feel that’s more absorbent than other terry cloth towels. If you need that cozy feel and can’t get past the different texture of the Honeycomb, I highly recommend it as well.