So It's Come To This: The Sleeper Sofa Spreadsheet

So It's Come To This: The Sleeper Sofa Spreadsheet

Tess Wilson
Sep 24, 2014

We have guests coming in a week, and no place for them to sleep. We have hours of internet sofa bed research under our belts, and no ideal candidate in sight. Desperate times call for desperate GoogleDocs.

We're searching for that perfect combination of style, function, size, availability, and affordability (aren't we all?) which is challenge enough without the time-crunch. Compounding the problem is that we only have internet access at work, so our research is squeezed in on breaks or after-hours when we are bleary-eyed and decision-fatigued. Amidst the chaos of mattress sizes, online reviews, and mattress mechanisms, I sought clarity in the nice, neat world of spreadsheets. The one you see above was the final iteration, with several early contenders eliminated and a few last-minute additions made. We both consulted this throughout the day, and then I printed out a copy to take to our wifi-free home.

Did it help? Well, it made me feel less crazy, that's for sure, whenever my partner asked "How big was that one again?", "How did this one work?", etc. It provided a headquarters for all the information so that my brain could remain blissfully unfettered. While seeing things laid out in black and white didn't necessarily help us make our decision, it made it possible for us to make an informed, non-chaotic, relatively relaxed decision. Of course, we ended up choosing the one we liked best from the get-go.

Have you ever resorted to spreadsheet witchcraft to help make a stressful and/or tedious decision? Did it help? Was it fun? What am I saying- spreadsheets are always fun!

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