So Simple String of Hearts Valentine’s Day Craft

Feburary gets pretty dreary in our neck of the woods. Not much of that fluffy white stuff; actuallly grey is the color of the day here. This makes the reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day very welcome indeed. So we threw together a simple string of hearts with some materials we had on hand to brighten up our digs a bit.

Here’s what we did:

1. First, we made cardboard hearts from a simple template we made out of a folded piece of paper.

2. Next, we wrapped the cardboard hearts with yarn. We wrapped and wrapped until each heart had a bit of a belly, to give them some dimension.

3. Then we made a couple of simple wire hearts from armature wire we happened to have in our craft bin; it’s very pliable with a pair of pliers.

4. Finally, we strung them all together. So simple.