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8 Social Media Accounts to Follow for Money Advice

published Mar 31, 2022
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No matter where you stand on the “just buy the $5 latte” debate, everyone could use a little bit of guidance when it comes to our finances. Whether you’re looking to get out of student debt or become a savvy investor who knows the real estate market, there’s some excellent social media stars who can provide a bevy of ideas on financial literacy. Here are some favorites:

1. @moneywithkatie

The social media star and host of “The Money with Katie Show” is a twenty-something who’s all about upgrading your lifestyle, no matter your income. You’ll hear her frequently speak about the goal of becoming a “#RichGirl.” However, Katie is quick to clarity that it’s not about your net worth, but “It’s a mindset. An Attitude. A Way of Life.” And clearly, she knows what she’s talking about. One friend told me she improved her credit score by 150 points in 8 months because of Katie’s advice. 

2. @itsmichelle_ramos

Michelle Ramos knows her stuff. Inspired by the process of paying off her own debt after college, Ramos now teaches others how to build wealth, or get themselves out of debt. Even if you’re not looking for a consultant of your own, Ramos provides a lot of great tips ranging from books on financial literacy to retirement rollovers. 

3. @herfirst100k

Helmed by Tori Dunlap, @herfirst100k boasts 636,000 Instagram followers, and for a good reason. As the host of the Financial Feminist Podcast, Dunlap takes the pretentious and intimidating veil off investing, instead providing realistic money tools and and an investing app. She believes investing is the best way to fight the patriarchy, and provides digestible advice on how to do so. 

4. @mydebtepiphany

A Certified Financial Education Instructor, Maddox has successfully paid off her own debts and now helps others do the same. Head to her website for some strong guidance, like her post on how she feeds a family of three on a $300 a month grocery budget, or how to set up an emergency fund. 

5. @thefinancialdiet

Talking about money can be considered taboo. The Financial Diet is working to change that. While TFD does provide crash courses on things like investing and wealth building, they also take a realistic look at how to live a better life without being chained to your finances. Don’t miss their YouTube channel where they look at how previous examples in the media have warped our ideas of financial wellness, like the “How Sex and the City Ruined Women’s Relationship to Money.”

6. @gayhusbandsonfire

People love the Gay Husbands on Fire for their solid ambitions for FIRE: “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” What’s not to like? They explain their mission to save, and it’ll inspire you to get your savings account in gear too. 

7. @berndebtjoy

Bernadette Joy is a money coach who specializes in common sense. After she and her partner paid off $300,000 in debt in three years, Joy built her first $1 million in net worth in her thirties. Now, she helps others make money choices with confidence.


Leandra Peters says she’s “DTF: Down to Finance.) She offers a variety of links to free tools, like a budget calculator and a solid blog filled with advice. But you can also book 1-on-1 coaching calls with her, or purchase her e-book, “Money Mastermind”.

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