Social Networking for Babies: Twittering From the Cradle

Social Networking for Babies: Twittering From the Cradle

Carrie McBride
Sep 16, 2008

(Photo by Orrie King for the Times)

Get in line for computer time - your babies are busy chatting up the interwebs. Does your baby Twitter, keep a Kidmondo journal or have a Totspot page? If so, they're in good company. If not, they're, like so 2007.

If you have a new baby and don't live close to family, they are undoubtedly champing at the bit for news of your baby's every move. We recently sent a photo of our 10 week old son trying out his Bumbo chair to his grandmother and immediately received a phone call, "He's sitting UP and wearing PANTS!" Fear not, friends and family don't have to miss a moment, not matter how mundane, in your baby's life. They can keep abreast of baby news through a host of social networking options.

Camille Sweeney of The Times writes about the new trend of blogging, twittering, etc. by parents (in their baby's voice no less) so your kid's fanbase can check in on a site rather than being inundated by email and photo blasts. And keeping track of children's milestones, large and small, in a digital way is appealing to parents who want to remember every little moment as well as someday share these memories with their grown children.

Of course privacy is a concern. John Palfrey, author of Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives warns, "Whether or not they realize it as such, parents are contributing to their child's digital dossier. And, who sees that dossier later on may be of concern." (We signed up for Kidmondo when our son was born and are very happy with the privacy controls set in place.)

You can read the Times article in full here. Do your children use these social networking services (Twitter, Totspot, Kidmondo, Odadeo (in Beta), Lil'Grams)?

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