The SofShell iPad 2 Case On a Porsche at 106 mph!

The SofShell iPad 2 Case On a Porsche at 106 mph!

Joel Pirela
Nov 7, 2011

Name: Sofshell iPad 2 Case
Price: $49.50

Rating: Strong Recommend*

Picture this: your brand new, fresh out-the-box, sleek iPad. The back of the iPad, while beautiful, is very slippery, and there's more than a fair chance at one time or another, you'll fumble or even drop the tablet, abiding to both Newton's and Murphy's law. Know all this we were interested in a product which claimed not only to provide a protective skin that would hold it secured to a flat surface up to 70 degrees, but claimed it could keep it steady while putting the pedal to the metal...

The Design:
The hypoallergenic and latex free construction is medical grade material that not only protects your iPad but also retains its shape, even after prolonged use. Designed to ourperform silicone, neoprene, rubber and urethane cases, the SofShell also protects against drops, reducing G-forces to up to 43% while surrounding the whole iPad, including the sides and a lip to protect the screen when you place it upside down. At least that's all the marketing claims made. We planned to put it to the test outside of the lab and inside our Porsche.

What we liked:
Easy on and easy off. The texture inside the case helps with the removal process and it won't stick. Also being crystal clear the SofShell case keeps all the branding and Apple logo visible, just in case you want everyone to know that's an iPad in your hand, not a discontinued HP Touchpad. As a parent, we liked the SofShell protecting our iPad, assuring us we could let our child use it with slip-proof improved protection.

The SofShell also comes with all the openings for the SmartCover, Speakers and connection points for headphones and sync cables. The thickness of the whole case is a mere 2 mm, so it becomes unobtrusive and almost non existent until you need it. Another good thing about it, is the fact that is made in the USA.

What needs improvement: (but not a deal breaker)
The SofShell gets dirty. Since the surface of the SofShell is super tacky (in order to get that ultra-adhesion power), it will pick an excess of lint, dust and surface's debris. The good thing is that with just a quick rinse under warm water (and a tiny bit of soap), a quick cleaning will bring the SofShell back to brand new condition. After a week of playing with the SofShell and placing it on top of almost every surface in our household, including the windshield of our vehicle while driving on the highway, it became apparent that the protective case was also a magnet for dirt, but at the end of the day it's a small price to pay for the unique protection.

Stick on glass at a full 90 degrees!

Our Test

The SofShell is advertised as being able to surpass the 70 degree sticky-ness angle. In our controlled test, the protective case actually performed remarkably well...up to 90 degrees! But the final test was more of a challenge that anything else. After seeing the video of the Boxster and SofShell, we wanted to up the ante a little bit. We positioned the iPad inside the SofShell and placed it on top of the outside of the windshield of our car and prepared ourselves for a little joy ride.

At 60mph the case was glued to the windshield. At 80mph nothing happened, so we decided to push the limits a little bit and did a little burst of acceleration and less than 3 seconds later, the iPad was starting to shake a little, and then a lot.

The top speed: 106 mph!

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(Images by Joel Pirela)

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