Solar Powered Pocket Light Goes Where You Do

Even the most experienced hiker needs a flashlight now and again. The frustrating part is trying to travel light and decide what’s a necessity — flashlight or gas powered margarita blender? This little pocket sized lantern charges with the sun and unfolds to create light long into the night without taking up a bit of space!

We love the idea that we could attach this light to our backpacks or keep with us while biking and always have a light source on us. Sure there’s little led flashlight cards that can travel in your wallet, but those are harsh and cold feeling, plus you always have to be pushing them to make them work.

We can see this working well for hikers and campers, plus could also be great to pack in an emergency car kit since it will never need batteries (assuming you don’t break down in the middle of the night or you leave it out to charge while driving).

The idea is from Jesper Jonsson and we greatly appreciate the non-intrustive integration of the solar panel in the design. We hope to see more items of this nature from him in the future!