This Reader-Favorite Portable Fire Pit Now Comes In a Brand New, Easy-to-Clean Version (It’s on Sale!)

published Aug 1, 2022
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Credit: Solo Stove

Even though summer is halfway over (let’s just pretend that’s not true!), there is still plenty of time for cozy nights spent around a crackling bonfire making s’mores. After all, you can make use of your fire pit well into the fall — and usually the winter, too! While there are many awesome fire pits out there to purchase for your backyard, there’s one in particular brand that really stands out from the rest.

We first discovered the Solo Stove Bonfire last year, and it became an almost-instant hit among readers. We love its smokeless design and easy portable size, making it an obvious pick for avid campers or anyone who wants to get more use out of their backyard. Now, Solo Stove has redesigned their popular line of fire pits with one ingenious feature that makes it essentially unbeatable. And to make this news even better, the new fire pits are also on major sale right now!

As of today, you can get your hands on the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 (as well as the Ranger 2.0 and Yukon 2.0) which features a removable ash pan for easy cleanup. Previously, the only way to remove the ash left over after a bonfire was by tipping the entire pit upside down. Now, all you need to do is slide out the ash pan and dump the remains after they’ve cooled. It’s so easy!

If you’re totally new to the Solo Stove, allow us to explain. This portable fire pit has racked up over 16,000 reviews with an overwhelming majority of five-star ratings (we’re talking over 15,700!). In addition to the obvious smokeless feature, this bonfire is a powerhouse in a small vessel — it weighs just 20 pounds and is a little over a foot tall. However, due to its Signature 360° Airflow Design, it’s able to produce an efficient burn that requires little tending to once lit. That means you can sit back and relax rather than worry about stoking the flames all night!

The way it works is that the vent holes on the bottom of the pit pull air in to continually fuel the fire at its base. Then, due to the double-wall structure, heated oxygen feeds through the top as well for an effective secondary burn. What you’ll be left with is an impressive long-lasting blaze that won’t require babysitting — just toss a log on every now and then and enjoy. It burns wood down to ash seamlessly, leaving you with minimal cleanup — especially now with the new removable ash tray.

As mentioned, Solo Stove upgraded each of their fire pits with the new removable ash pan, including the signature fire pit, the Bonfire, their biggest fire pit, the Yukon, and their most portable option, the Ranger.

If you’ve had your eye on a Solo Stove for a while but were waiting for a sign to buy, there’s no better time than right now. You’ll likely get even more use out of your fire pit with this smart redesign because cleanup will be a breeze.

Buy: Solo Stove Bonfire, $259.99 (normally $399.99); Yukon, $459.99 (normally $749.99); Ranger, $229.99 (normally $299.99)