Some of Our Favorite Photo Projects

Some of Our Favorite Photo Projects

Carrie McBride
Feb 24, 2011

We love a terrific photograph, but even more we love a terrific photographic project. We admire the creativity behind them as well as the endurance often needed to see the project to completion. We've rounded up some of our favorites from the archives plus this new maternity series in the works - can you guess what it's all about?

1 Baby Bump Photo Series - Pregnancy books and websites often compare the size of a growing fetus to a familiar object so we can conceptualize the size better. A book I had used animals (we really chuckled when our son became a "duck"), Carolee Beckham's book must use fruit. She's taking photos during her pregnancy along with the fruit her baby resembles in size. Can't wait to follow along with this one!

2 Cole's Maternity Series - Ryan and Cole Marshall documented her pregnancy through weekly photos and a letter to their daughter, Tessa, on Pacing the Panic Room. If you've already seen the photos, check out the fabulous stop-motion video.

3 The Walk to 40 Weeks - In the same vein, Ryan Marshall documented Trish's pregnancy as she took weekly walks in her Florida neighborhood.

4 Arrow of Time: The Goldberg Family - The Goldbergs take family portraits on June 17th every year for 30 plus years and counting.

5 Luna's First Year of Life Book - Luna's mom Nerissa made a month-by-month combination photo album/baby book to commemorate Luna's first year.

6 The 40 Week Smitty Baby Pregnancy in Just 15 Seconds - anyone who's had a baby knows that 9 months can feel like an eternity. Friends who haven't seen you in a few months are astonished at how big you've gotten but it's harder for you to appreciate the day-to-day changes. Check out this stop-motion video made from photographs by Meredith and Jason Smith and watch her belly grow!

7 Young Me/Now Me - artist Ze Frank solicits photographs recreating childhood photos in this fun project.

8 Like Mom/Like Dad - another project from Ze Frank. In this one he collects photographs where children have recreated old photographs of a parent with themselves in their parent's place.

9 Mama Mia's Maternity Book - Johanna McShan blew us away with her gorgeous maternity photo book.

10 "A Week in the Life" - Ali Edwards believes chronicling the events in your family's life for just a week, even the mundane things, is something worth creating and holding onto.

(Images: 1. Carolee Beckham 2. Ryan Marshall 3. Ryan Marshall 4. The Goldberg Family 5. Nerissa/The New Domestic 6. Smitty Baby 7. Ze Frank 8. Ze Frank 9. Joanna McShan/Hanna Mac Photography 10. Ali Edwards)

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