Someone Has Built Luxury Homes for Hamsters

published Oct 12, 2019
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Credit: Tanya Kim/Shutterstock

You know who needs a luxury home? A hamster, definitely — if for no other reason than the cuteness factor. The designers at South Korean ZIT Studio are way ahead of us. They’ve designed a series of luxurious dwellings for hamsters — not just houses, in fact, but also labyrinths, a valley, and a tiny, hamster-sized McDonalds with seating and a soda fountain all to hamster scale (the only thing not to scale is the massive burger, which appears to be full of hamster-friendly seeds and grains).

For starters, here’s a stylish hamster home fit for the hamster Charlie’s Angels:

Here’s a flashy, cement-looking home complete with the Mercedes-Benz logo on top, because why should humans be the only conspicuous consumers:

And the logo is a hamster wheel! Okay, that’s adorable.

If your hamster is more into the humble look of shabby-chic style, it would fit right into this hamster cafe, which features a tiny piano, a shelf of tiny books, and a tiny chalkboard menu we’re dying to read. What’s in a hamster cappuccino?

One of the earliest hamster homes on ZIT Studio’s instagram account is also one of our favorites. It’s a spaceship-looking house with a ladder leading up to the front door, and it appears to be made out of a cabbage. Spongebob’s pineapple house has met its match:

And then there’s this tradition Korean-style home for traditional Korean-style hamsters. The video below gives a peek into ZIT Studio’s home construction process. We would go to architecture school just for these specific skills:

The creators of these luxury homes aren’t stopping with hamsters. They’ve also recently built a home for hedgehogs and a luxury village for … mealworms. And the mealworm homes have electricity! ZIT Studio, we love your beautiful minds.