Someone’s Hiding In Here

Monika Schürle resides in Berlin, Germany and has recently released a photography series based on children’s home decor. First glance has you admiring the beauty but look again. Can you see who’s hiding in each photo? Hear our thoughts on turning this idea into your own DIY after the jump.

In each photo above, there’s a child hiding in their environment. It took us a second to spot them as upon our first look we started dreaming about having a loft space that was so large and bright. Then once we thought about heating and air conditioning costs we were back to reality and focused on the hiding little ones.

You can see more of Monika Schürle’s work from her site, though we think the idea for her work would be fun to recreate in your own home. Either as a crazy photograph for the scrap book, or to make a “Where’s (insert child’s name here)” book for the diaper bag. Flipping page by page, while sitting on a train or in a long car ride while they try to find themselves is a great way to kill time!

(via: Plastolux)
(Image: Monika Schürl)