Something For Everyone in Parker, Monty & Elliot’s Room

(Image credit: Kirsty Gungor)

Name: Parker (8), Monty (5) & Elliot (3)
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

My boys have recently moved in together in preparation of their sister’s arrival! We gave this room a makeover to make it extra special for them, putting some fresh paint on the walls and buying new beds with matching duvets.  

I wanted to keep it white and bright, with those touches of light grey and accents of red. All the beds match expect for a unique quilt at the foot of each bed which has been with each child since they were little. I loved these vintage-y twin beds, an awesome and inexpensive find from Walmart and the first purchase we made for the room. Everything fell into place after that. 

Their tiny “corners” reflect their personalities and interests really well and are loaded with favorite toys and other goodies. Parker loves outer space, art and reading, so he has his very own wall shelf for books and pictures. Monty is a drummer and avid stuffed animal collector (he has an under bed storage box busting at the seams with stuffed animals), and his first drum set acts as his side table. Elliot loves to play dress up and he is lucky enough to have an entire wall of costumes waiting for that distressed call for help (super hero ready!). 

Source List:

  • Beds – Walmart
  • Bedding – TargetCurtains – Target
  • Bookcase – Target
  • Wall baskets – World Market
  • Quilts – thrifted and one from Pottery Barn 
  • Wall shelves – Ikea
  • Wall rail – Ikea

Thanks, Kirsty! Readers, say hello to Kirsty at Lovelies in my Life.

(Images: Kirsty Gungor)