Something Is Brewing Up In Cupertino...

Something Is Brewing Up In Cupertino...

Gregory Han
Apr 10, 2008

We've never once played the role of Apple rumormonger here, so take this with a grain of salt since we don't have any substantiated evidence except a direct quote from a personal friend who works for Apple. But according to our friend, Apple employees from all over were called into Cupertino this week to see something in the pipeline that they could only say will "F*@&ing blow your'll just have to wait and see."

No matter how much poking and prodding we did, our friend would not reveal anything except for its mind copulating qualities. But it is notable the last time our friend offered a similar vague hint, the MacBook Air sauntered into the Apple lineup weeks later. So whatever it is, it's likely going to cause one big stir. It's also of note, because Apple develops their products in a process where individual teams are kept apart and in the dark about the big picture, solely focusing on a single aspect/technology to prevent leaks, the internal multi-team announcement reveals that whatever was being previewed was far along enough to show a preliminary working design and must be arriving to market soon.

Is this related to the current rumors of new MacBook and MacBook Pro cases? Or perhaps a "one more thing" detail for the upcoming 3G iPod? Yeah, we know, our details are more vague and lame than Vista's UI. Ah, half the fun of being a Mac fan is this never ending guessing game, isn't it?

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