Sometimes Madness is Wisdom: And Sometimes its a Store

Alecs pics 057.jpgSometimes Madness is Wisdom holds an interesting mix of oddities, some of which will absolutely gross out the timid (at least they did us).

Stepping into this little boutique makes one wonder if a grown-up Wednesday Addams set up shop.

SMW store.jpgThe place is full of a cute, sexy Goth-girl clothes, kid’s stuff and Things for the home…some one’s home .

The store is worth checking out like a freak show is worth checking out: It should be done at least once. There is some very cool revolving art and remember, it’s the stores that think outside of the box that always seem to have the latest twist on things.

Oh, and they have a lot of dead animals in formaldehyde…So cute for by the bed!

Alecs pics 054.jpg