Sonic’s let there be light

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
We were very intrigued when we came across this lamp today. According to the
Let there be light, is a pendant lamp that “consists of 5 binder mechanisms allowing the owner to create their own shades using a standard home printer. A central acrylic diffuser, housing a fluorescent light source, does the rest.”

Initially we wondered, Is it really made of binder mechanisms? Like the Office Depot sort? or is it just a descriptor.

As we poked around the site today we couldn’t really answer the question but learned that Sonic Design Solutions is not some little ol’ lamp company but instead a NY design group specializing in the development electronic products, household appliances, medical equipment and structural packaging. Some of just a couple of their pieces include the medication bottle redesigns at Target, a pacifier that has a thermometer built in [brilliant] and a few other well designed items for our beloved Target.

We love the lamp and the company and would love to know more. Anyone out there know anything?