Sonoro Cubo Elements: A Sleek and Beautiful Clock Radio

Sonoro Cubo Elements: A Sleek and Beautiful Clock Radio

Range Govindan
Dec 12, 2008

Most clock radios are a bit depressing. They rarely look interesting and do the dirty deed of waking us up each morning. Some function better than others, while others like the Philips Wake-Up Light promise to wake us up smoothly, yet justifying $200 on a alarm clock is kind of hard, no matter what the promises. The Sonoro Audio Cubo Elements is one good looking alarm clock. It won the Red Dot award for best product design this year.

There is no doubt that the Sonoro Audio Cubo Elements looks good. However, it's not your typical clock radio. The device itself is extremely shiny and a magnet for fingerprints. Thankfully it comes with a microfiber cloth and a pair of white gloves! That's right, you'll have to wear them to make sure not to leave any fingerprints on your clock radio. Joking aside, it is kind of strange. The part that usually gets touch is the glowing control dial. The control ring is kind of like the old iPod click wheel. It controls everything from changing radio modes, audio inputs, volume/player controls and other features. The Cubo allows you also to connect an iPod or an MP3 player.

The case is lacquered. Stereo sound and bass reflex are excellent thanks to its wooden internal elements. It's quite loud and those same elements make the alarm quite loud as well. There is an optional iPod dock that also comes as shiny as well as a different Cubo that gives you access to internet radio.

We think that this is a great alarm clock. It's stunning and looks good no matter where it is. The only problem will be the price, which has not yet been announced. Most probably it will be pricey. The other thing that is a concern is the haphazard attempt at docking your iPod. It would have been better to have a dedicated dock to fit in with the overall design. [via Yanko Design]

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