Sonos vs. AirPlay: A Comparison

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If there’s one consistent theme throughout CES 2010 this year, it’s the apparent obsession with Apple’s new AirPlay technology. But like many people will argue, Sonos has been doing it for some time now and it does it quite well. What’s the best bang for your buck? We go through a list of features to consider, after the jump.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll be going over the plusses of each system. Since everyone’s home entertainment system is vastly different, the best solution would likely be dependent on the stuff you have. Now, let’s get started!

– Great performance (we’ve reviewed the S5 unit earlier last year)
– Remotes (Sonos remote, PC software, and iPhone/iTouch) with content display.
– Expandable up to 32 rooms playing different content or all synchronized
– Expandable a room at a time
– Tons of other sources other than your local music (Internet radio, Pandora, Sirius, Amazon, etc.)

– Extremely reliable streaming
– AppleTV allows streaming of HD movies, too
– Much cheaper if you already have speakers and a receiver
– Remote control from anything i-Related
– Great if you already use iTunes to handle music

We think the biggest factor to consider is the equipment you current have. If you’re just starting out and want a really sweet sounding system without the hassles of buying separate audio equipment, then Sonos is probably the way to go. If video also has priority, we’d recommend AirPlay as it has the potential to stream music and video to the equipment you already have without too much damage on the wallet.