CES 2009: Sony P "Lifestyle" Netbook Gets Revealed

CES 2009: Sony P "Lifestyle" Netbook Gets Revealed

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 13, 2009
Rarely does Sony introduce a product that's aimed toward the budget crowd. Though priced a little higher most of the time, we've found their digital frames, laptops, and all-in-one PCs to all contain high enough build quality and smart design to justify the price. Their latest entry into the netbook crowd follows that tradition, but is it a good idea to cater to a market that's getting smaller and smaller everyday as we speak? I think it's time we take a cold hard look at their latest entry and see how it stacks up against its competition...

It looks like Sony's magically crammed an entire keyboard into that slim, wide-aspect design of theirs and for some reason, it works. We're just really curious how the trackpad is suppose to work... wait, is there even a trackpad?

From CNET: "To fit a reasonably full-featured PC into a chassis this small, some sacrifices had to be made, and we're worried the lack of a standard touch pad (instead there's a ThinkPad-like pointing stick), will keep this new system from being as useful as it could be. It does, however, include a 3G mobile broadband antenna, 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, with mobile broadband service provided by Verizon."

Ugh, pointing sticks. Can't say we're too thrilled to hear that. The design does look quite nice, though, and we're pretty sure the screens are the same high end ones we found in their photo frames reviewed a few weeks back. That probably equates to excellent color reproduction and high pixel count per square inch than your average netbook. The ability to choose your own color from their assortment of red, green, shiny black, white, and matte black finishes is an added plus.

The P-series Lifestyle PC netbook features an 8" screen, turn-by-turn navigation, and 4 hours of standard batter operation. The downside to all these great features has got to be the price. Expect the Sony P to retail at $900.

We have to agree that's a lot to throw down on a netbook, especially given the fact that you can probably find the exact specifications for about $400 less from other manufacturers. We're not saying it's a bad buy by any means - some may actually find the design quite appealing as it can fit into a purse or man bag, but given the economic downturn that's just getting uglier by the minute, we're just saying the pricing may not be in their best interest as of the moment. What do you guys think?

[via CNET]

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