Sony Shows Off Flexible and Ultra Thin OLED Displays

Sony Shows Off Flexible and Ultra Thin OLED Displays

Range Govindan
Oct 7, 2009

Japan's CEATEC is really a great place to find some up and coming home tech. It's really cool to see what is going to be possible, especially with OLED displays.

Sony is showing off a 0.2mm-thin OLED display that can be bent while still showing content. OLEDs are organic light emitting diodes. They don't require as much power and don't need backlighting. Sounds pretty amazing and the applications are numerous. The new Sony screens could be used for a single-surface multi-touch computer, where there is no visible separation between the monitor and the keyboard. They showed off these displays at CEATEC in Japan. The all-panel laptop, which has a single swooping display as well as the Walkman bracelet were really interesting uses of this technology. They also had a very thin ebook reader mock-up.

OLEDs are the wave of the future when it comes to display technology. Thankfully, almost all manufacturers are working on these projects so we will see them in stores pretty soon. Naturally, they would make excellent displays for HDTVs, computers, and ebook readers, whose e-ink displays don't enable them to show video.

[via Crunchgear, top photo and video via Crunchgear, other photo via Engadget]

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