Sony Waterproof Walkman MP3 Player

Sony Waterproof Walkman MP3 Player

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 13, 2010

We haven't been excited about the release of a new Walkman since we were 13 and listening to our well worn Nirvana tape during our bus ride to school. Although this Walkman looks significantly more hip than the previous models we're even willing to look past it's "bluetooth-y" nature for it's practical aspects.

Once you can get past the promo photos of dripping wet athletes (ooh la la) and start checking out the practical side of this new product, we think there's hope for this new MP3 player in a world dominated by Apple products.

To start, this around the neck style headband MP3 player comes in 2 or 4GB, can run for 90 minutes on a 3 minute charge — perfect for that last minute jog around the neighborhood (or 11 hours on a full charge)! Sony says they're water resistant and that they can be worn in the rain and even shower, so go ahead and listen to Queen while you shower off at the gym or dump the rest of your water bottle over your brow at the end of a long run, you deserve it! Though this unit can't be submerged (sorry, no snorkeling) it can hold up to just about anything you can throw at it, outside of the lap pool.

It features a "smart mood" mode that allows you to randomly mix up your songs and still stick to the same style of tunes... no one wants to go from Big D and the Kids Table to Enya. Boo! It will easily load full playlists from iTunes and supports MP3, WMA, AAC and Linear PCM files.

You can check out the full press release from Sony and oogle more hot, wet athletes if you're looking for more um... inspiration. They'll be released in May and we'll keep you updated on pricing down the road!

(Images: Sony)

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