Sony's Sleek Projection Alarm Clock

Sony's Sleek Projection Alarm Clock

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 25, 2010

We're the type that sets their alarm a full hour prior to the time we actually need to wake up. We'd love to keep our alarm clock on the other side of the room, forcing us to partake in the land of the living sooner, but without our glasses on, we just can't see a clock on the far side of Endor (aka on our dresser). Sony has a stylish option that looks like it's a perfect solution, plus is looks great while doing so!

The Sony ICF-C717PJ is a sleek little alarm clock that projects your time on the wall of your choice. Although this isn't exactly a new concept, most prior models have been quite large and clunky. This model from Sony also boasts a little something special. On the projected display, it also lets you know if the alarm has been turned on! No more laying down in bed just to think... Did I turn the alarm on? Now you'll know right away!

Some of our favorite alarm clocks in the past (which is a totally normal thing to covet right?) have been Sony models and they've never done us wrong. This one will connect with your iPod and can still wake you with a typical buzzer or radio tune.

The clock goes on sale next month in Europe and although there's no US release date schedule yet, we're pretty sure we won't be too far behind (if not, there's always eBay!).

(via: Tech Fest)
(Image: Sony)

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