Sophie’s Restyled Room

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes a room just needs a little tweaking and restyling to make it feel like a whole new room. Sophie’s mom, Linda, is an expert at creating style on a budget and reworked her 8-year-old daughter’s room by “shopping” from the rest of the house, adding in red elements to add some sophistication to a formerly “sugary” room and recruiting her husband to design and build a charming “windowless windowseat.”

We love this reminder that you don’t have to scrap everything and start anew when you’ve grown tired of room or to age a room along with a child.

Linda shares more photos (including before photos) and details of Sophie’s room makeover on her blog, appropriately named Restyled Home, so do check it out. She has written up posts on Sophie’s room, the windowless windowseat and her ceiling fan turned lamp project. And, if you missed it before, check out Sophie’s amazing playhouse!

Thanks, Linda!