Sorry Pothos, But I Think the Monstera Plant is Actually the New Fiddle Leaf Fig

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Mister + Mrs Sharp)

The fiddle fig has been dominating the corners of trendy, well-designed rooms for years, but all good things must come to an end. Awhile back, we proclaimed the pothos as the new fiddle fig, and more recently, gave you seven reasons why the rubber tree plant was “next”, but I’m not convinced. The monstera plant was everywhere this summer, and I think it might be primed to become the reigning flora du jour.

Monstera deliciosa, native to southern Mexico and Central America, is certainly impressive to look at. With its recognizable deep green, perforated leaves, it can grow to an impressive size, even indoors. Though toxic to humans and pets, it’s relatively easy to grow in standard temperatures and indirect light, so a great option for those without outside space. Also (and let’s face it— most importantly for our purposes) it lends a cool boho vibe to any space it’s added to (case in point: The living room of Atlanta-based home editors Mister + Mrs Sharp shown above is crisp and curated, but the monstera lends a rugged edge to the space.)

(Image credit: Frenchy Fancy)

A sea of wood tones in this home via Frenchy French is brightened up with an overhead monstera.

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

When the view out your window is just another person’s window, a lush monstera is the perfect dose of greenery, like the pretty living space above from My Scandinavian Home.

(Image credit: Plan B)

The emerald hue of this “swiss cheese” plant is the perfect complement to neutrals. (Image via Plan B)

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

The power of the monstera is in full effect in this image from My Scandinavian Home, where just one frond is enough to liven up a layered vignette.

(Image credit: Etsy)

Small enough to keep potted means you can prop your monstera higher up on your wall to draw the eye upward (like in the image above from Etsy).

(Image credit: Refinery29)

A jungle overhead mixed with a single leaf clipping on a side table gives a new meaning to high/low. This well-balanced room was featured on Refinery 29.

Loving this monstera moment but have two black thumbs? Bring some of those iconic leaves into your home in other ways:

(Image credit: Photowall)

Swedish company Photowall has several monstera prints, but my favorite of the bunch is the bright Monstera No. 6— a wall mural with boho style.

(Image credit: Jumanjii on Etsy)

Jumanjii on Etsy is full of of lush, tropical prints on re-positionable adhesive wallpaper. This lush monstera print is just the thing to bring a bit of greenery to your home.

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

This Saskia Pomeroy shower curtain from Urban Outfitters is the perfect way to bring a bit of jungle style to your bathroom.

(Image credit: Society6)

What about a monstera print for your wall? This is by Karen Hofstetter, and because it’s from Society6, you can get it on anything—a print, T-shirt, iPad skin, you name it.

(Image credit: Roostery)

Really into monstera? Go all out with an armchair from Roostery— if that’s too much, they do the same print on napkins, too.