Check Out a “Standard” Korean Apartment — that Has Super High Tech Amenities

published Feb 27, 2024
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contemporary living room with open concept view through to dining room kitchen and a marble fireplace with gas fire
Credit: Sheila Say/Shutterstock

I live in New York City, where apartments are considered luxurious if they have simple amenities like an elevator, in-unit washer/dryer, or walk-in closet (or, sometimes even a fridge). Meanwhile, even standard apartments in South Korea are apparently packed with futuristic features that feel straight out of an episode of The Jetsons

In a recent Instagram Reel, influencer Soo Youn Lee shows off her parent’s home in South Korea, which has high-tech amenities that “just make sense,” according to Lee. A refrigerator for your clothing might sound extreme (and a bit confusing), but wait until you see its unique purpose.

In the U.S., touchpad door locks are often installed by the owner of the home, but in this video, Lee demonstrates they’re a common amenity for homes in South Korea. After opening the door, she points out that there’s a separate entryway to add an extra layer of hygienic safety — like for changing out of your outdoor shoes. Imagine!

“Separated entry way is a MUST,” someone wrote in the comments section. “I hate bringing my shoes [into] my apartment.” 

The entryway isn’t the only feature that prioritizes hygiene. Near the closet, there’s a machine that sanitizes clothes, which Lee describes as a “clothing refrigerator.” And actually, there is a surprising amount of fridges in the house. If you don’t count the clothing sanitizer, there are three fridges: for food, drinks, and skincare.

Clothing sanitizers, also known as a steam closet, is an appliance that will sanitize, steam, and deodorize your clothes from any unwanted scents or debris, and you can usually just plug them in and go. You can often find these machines for around $1,000 here, but it’s just a regular part of the closet in the video. As for the skincare fridge, it’s a great idea for a place with legendary K beauty, but you can also buy one for your house here.

Inside, the bathroom has a built-in hose and drainage system, making cleaning a literal breeze. And if the floor and hose combination isn’t cool enough, check out the sink: with an adjustable nozzle, you won’t have to worry about water splashing you in the face. 

According to her caption, the home’s extensive amenities are actually pretty standard for residents in South Korea, not just for affluent people. “These features aren’t considered high tech or only for the rich — it’s pretty standard and easily available for everyone to incorporate into their homes,” she wrote.

Although it’s rare to find a high-tech apartment with cool features like this (unless you’re Batman), maybe this Instagram Reel will inspire you to upgrade your home.