Southwest #11: Mellow Modern Megan

fallcolors4.jpgName: Megan Bedell
Location: Tarzana, CA
Type of Home: 700 sq.ft one bedroom rental

What inspired you to use color? Color has a direct effect on your mood and overall frame of mind, so I try to use the right colors in the right way in order to inspire tranquility where necessary (i.e. my bedroom – a spot for calm renewal) and incite energy in other spaces (i.e. my living and dining areas – places to entertain friends and offer a comfy corner for overnight guests). Beyond paint, vibrant colors from flowers, books, board game boxes, candles, frames, dishes, jewelry, textiles, and even my little guppies, deliver amazing nuances. I love the way all the colors in my little apartment embrace me when I come home after a day of sitting in a gray cubicle and confirm who I am and what I find beautiful.

Color Tip: Choose colors that reinforce what you want that space to be about. For instance, I love bright, bold colors, but (for me) I don’t think they always promote calm, so I wouldn’t smear neon green across my bedroom walls. Rather, I use pops of color in my bedroom and save the super hues for more energetic spaces.

Colors Used: All Dunn Edwards. Island Oasis, English Scone, Silver Spoon, Pink Lily

Fall Colors Introduction ——————————-

fallcolors1.jpgWelcome, everyone, to our Fourth Annual Fall Colors Sharing & Contest. We’re looking for the most beautiful & colorful home in the world and sharing all of the great ideas we get with our readers. This year we’re amping things up and hoping to do things better than ever. There are two basic phases, the Sharing Phase and the Voting Phase…

1. Sharing Phase – you comment, judges decide

The 40 best, completed entries will be posted on a daily basis for three weeks. You can view them all at anytime via our new, improved contest pages under ALL ENTRIES. During this time your comments are VERY IMPORTANT as our six judges will be choosing 16 finalists from each region based on comments and their own colorful opinion.

2. Voting Phase – you vote till you drop

Starting October 20th, finalist voting will begin on a daily basis through our new bracketed voting system, which will pit our 16 finalists against one another until only one remains. Sound exciting? We hope so.

Best, Maxwell