Southwest #23 Eternityloop's Divine Proportion

Southwest #23 Eternityloop's Divine Proportion

Gregory Han
Oct 15, 2008

Name: eternityloop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Type of Home: 2 bedroom apartment

What inspired you to use color? I draw my inspirations from everything around me. The color scheme of my living room wall is inspired by a place setting from Target. The layout itself is done according to the "Divine Proportion", a ratio of 1.61803 to 1 for the long side of a rectangle to the short side of a rectangle. The inspiration for my bathroom wall was the carpet by Angela Adams. I took the same design and painted it on the wall above the bathtub, where it is reflected in the mirror across and has the most impact on the room. Then I put accents in the same colors, like candles and towels to complete the look. I think color is pure vibration. The higher the vibration is, the better is your mood, so it's an easy means to uplift your mood. You're mood is your mode of operation affecting your whole life. Just walk around and notice the color scheme in people's homes. The one's that are depressed and unhappy mostly surround themselves with a messy space full of unloved and unused items, that pile up and dark or fading colors like beige, brown, black, grey or a palette of greens. Change the color, change you're life! Feng Shui teaches us a great deal about the effect that our surrounding have on us.

Color Tip: If you have a space that gets very little or no natural light or sun, make sure to paint it between a warm yellow to a orange yellow. This will artificially sunny the space immediately. You will feel the change!

Colors Used: Dutch Boys Dimensions: -Indian tile D171 (warm orange brown) -Cranberry Punch DC013 -Prairie Sechee (Grey) -Vibration DC003 (Dark Orange) Do It Best: -K101 (yellow) -K101 (brown) -Big Sur Sunset (orange).

Fall Colors Introduction -------------------------------

Welcome, everyone, to our Fourth Annual Fall Colors Sharing & Contest. We're looking for the most beautiful & colorful home in the world and sharing all of the great ideas we get with our readers. This year we're amping things up and hoping to do things better than ever. There are two basic phases, the Sharing Phase and the Voting Phase...

1. Sharing Phase - you comment, judges decide

The 40 best, completed entries will be posted on a daily basis for three weeks. You can view them all at anytime via our new, improved contest pages under ALL ENTRIES. During this time your comments are VERY IMPORTANT as our six judges will be choosing 16 finalists from each region based on comments and their own colorful opinion.

2. Voting Phase - you vote till you drop

Starting October 20th, finalist voting will begin on a daily basis through our new bracketed voting system, which will pit our 16 finalists against one another until only one remains. Sound exciting? We hope so.

Best, Maxwell

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