Southwest Fall Cure: The Finishing Touches

Southwest Fall Cure: The Finishing Touches

Abby Stone
Dec 1, 2008


Last week, we saw her rendering of her bedroom, now here's the real thing. KimGrant924 splurged on these lamps. Having something beautiful by your bed puts a smile on your face when you go to bed and again when you wake up in the morning.

  • Cure Clock: just 7 days!
  • Assignment: Read Chapter 11; host your party and take pictures.
  • Flickr Group: Apartment Therapy Cure LA

Did you get to show off your home during this past weekend's Thanksgiving festivities? Or maybe your housewarming's this coming weekend, when you'll share your leftovers and the fruits of your hard work with guests? Either way, it's party time! We've seen your hard work on our Flickr pool and we're proud and impressed. Now it's time to show it off. This week's assignments, after the jump...

Sparklerawk's jewelry display brings her bathroom from blah to bling!

Deep Treatment and One Room Remedy Assignments

  • Find a good recipe and test it out: Click on over to the Kitchn for ideas.
  • Prepare your apartment the day before: that way, the day of the party all you'll have to do is make your bed, clear off your coffee table, set out drinks and food and light candles!
  • Get home early on the day of the party: a relaxed host is a good host.
  • Vacuum the entire apartment and clean all windows
  • Do a final purge for clutter and empty the Outbox
  • Arrange your home for the best party flow
  • Remove your shoes when at home: Try it. Your home will stay cleaner.

  • Consider improving your audio system and making it smaller
  • Buy fresh flowers: put some in all rooms, even the bathroom!
  • Turn down the lights and light your candles: Scented candles in the living room and the bathroom, votives in the dining room and near food.
  • Choose the music ahead of time: Create a playlist or check out Pandora Radio
  • Serve cold drinks immediately: Vodka in the freezer, white wine, soft drinks, waters and juices in the fridge, beer on ice in the kitchen sink. In a pinch, mix cold water, ice and lots of salt in an ice bucket to quickly chill white wine, champagne or vodka.
  • Cook and eat at home, plan the week ahead and wake early for a bath: Taking care of yourself is what the cure's really about. Think of your home as command central, a launching pad for the successful direction of your life.
  • Optional: Consider removing the television: At least consider removing it from your bedroom or finding a way to incorporate it in your living room so that it's not the first thing you see. Ours is off to the side. Easy for viewing but it's not the focal point of the room. Check out this post for some tips.

TVsJessica finished her big project, stripping her dining room table and it looks fantastic. She picked up that coral lamp in the corner from AT's Le Swap. Join us when we do the next swap as part of the spring cure.

Whatever you haven't finished, it's time to put it aside and share all that you've done with your friends and family and us! You've accomplished a lot in these past two months. Toot your own horn and tell us what you're most proud of in the comments. How has the way you use your home changed? Have you gotten any feedback from visitors? Share it with us!

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