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Super Stylish, Space-Saving DIYs Every Studio Apartment Needs

published Aug 3, 2016
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(Image credit: One King’s Lane)

Living in a studio apartment presents some unique challenges—your bed is always right there, your kitchen is practically non-existent, and let’s not even get started on entertaining—but it also opens up opportunities for creative solutions. Rather than buy ready-made furniture or shelves that were designed for a much larger home, DIY perfectly proportioned decor and you might find that your place feels less crowded. Find inspiration in the stylish DIYs that follow, but don’t be afraid to tailor them to fit your space.

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(Image credit: One King’s Lane)

Surrounding your bed in sheer curtains provides a veil of privacy (and discourages guests from sitting on it), while still leaving your apartment visually open. Find the how-to for the dreamy canopy above on One King’s Lane.

If you have a lofted bed, consider keeping your clothing rack underneath, so that you can hang one long sheer curtain to conceal both. Run a tension rod up near the ceiling, and choose a curtain long enough to just graze the floor, as shown in this apartment from Living in a Shoebox found on Refinery 29.

(Image credit: Petite Modern Life)

Karisa of Petite Modern Life built this fold-down table from an IKEA KALLAX and a LINNMON table top. She uses hers as a dedicated sewing spot, but it could also serve as a cozy dining table or work station.

(Image credit: The DIY Playbook)

Most studio apartments don’t have a real entryway, but you can create a mini foyer by arranging a shelf, a last-look mirror, and a few hooks on the wall. The classy shelf above is actually a cheap IKEA shelf covered in marble contact paper. Follow the simple how-to on DIY Playbook.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

When you don’t have room for a full-size desk, build a shallow ledge that runs along the wall, following the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess. By securing the shelf high on the wall and pairing it with a set of stools, you can use the desk while either standing or sitting.

(Image credit: Rock My Style)

Half of the time, if you don’t have enough square footage to fit a full-size piece of furniture, a narrow shelf can more than make up for it. The one above, built by Charlotte of Rock My Style, serves as a makeup station.

(Image credit: DecorPad)

Removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets can help make your whole apartment feel more open. If your landlord will allow it, paint the backs of the cabinets an eye-catching color, or just give a fresh coat of white paint, like in the kitchen above from Decor Pad.

(Image credit: Haven by the Bae)

When you have friends over in a small apartment, it can be difficult to find space for everyone to sit—especially if you want to avoid having everyone sit on your bed or on the floor. This DIY kilim bench is the answer: It’s narrow, so it won’t take up much space, and it’s lightweight enough to move around. Follow the how-to from Haven by the Bae on eHow.

(Image credit: Sugar & Cloth)

If a bed is basically the only thing you can fit in your tiny apartment, make sure the headboard doubles as storage. This homemade pegboard headboard from Sugar and Cloth holds a basket for books, an alarm clock, and artwork.

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