Spaceship Closet

You might think Tiffany was crazy to sacrifice a whole closet in her (-1000 sq. ft.) home for a small playspace for her sons, but sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ones. And after seeing this fun, inventive space we were left with no doubt that this was totally worth it (and that Tiffany is a shoo-in for the Cool Parents Hall of Fame).

Tiffany’s family is moving this weekend, leaving this memorable little spot behind, and she’s feeling sentimental about it and all the fun her kids and their friends have had playing astronauts here. She told us more about this ordinary closet turned extraordinary spaceship: It’s something parents can easily do with any closet — most of the neato stuff came from the automotive/hardware sections in Walmart. Everything cost less than $50 and took 2 days to do (Would have gone faster if the kids hadn’t helped me but that was half the fun). I never missed the storage space. We put their clothes in the dresser and toys in bins/shelfy things. The best part was that this project 100% banished all closet monsters!

You can read her humorous post from a year ago when this spaceship was built on her blog Electric Boogaloo as well as see more photos of this and the boys’ space-themed bedroom.

Tiffany wanted to add that a few of her blog readers were worried about the safety of the view port funnel: I gave them safety goggles and we had planned to trim it down and round the edges but before we had a chance the boys realized it worked better as a megaphone. They took it down and used it to torment me. 🙂

(Images: Tiffany Ard)