Specialized Hangers

Yesterday, we stumbled on the Guitar Hanger. Which got us thinking, “There must be other special purpose hangers out there for innovative hanging closet storage”. So, we set out to round up what we could find:

1 This chrome hoop hanger is made specifically for bikinis. $3 at Closet Hanger Factory. We think the hoop shape might come in handy for other storage solutions, too.
2 Hanging torsos are for clothing display or storage. These are just so odd, we’re trying to think of an excuse for using one at home. $9 at Only Hangers
3 This scarf organizer is $6 at The Container Store. It’s another versatile one that might prove useful for other storage uses, too.
4 This jewelry hanger has places for hanging necklaces and bracelets and for fixing earrings. $10 at organize.com.
5 This single-clip hanger is a versatile way to hang all sort of items. $.50, also at Only Hangers.