Spectacular Studio Apartments

Earlier this week I returned from my first ever trip to San Francisco. I’m being completely honest when I say that I fell in love with the area the moment I caught a glimpse from one of the large airport windows. I knew this was a place for me and I spent those four days completely and utterly in love.

Now that I’ve established my new love, I need to establish a new home. Living in Philadelphia, I am aware of pricey living and even pricier rent. However, I was still shocked to see the price of apartments in SF. So, it looks like my fiance and I will be downsizing — big time! It seems like studios are all that fit in our price range, so I’ve been getting really excited about the idea of a taking on a whole new challenge (we currently live in a three bedroom house!)

Here are some of my favorite studio inspiration:

Images: Jeremy, Annie Werbler, Natalie Moore, Emily, Stefan