This Company is Changing the Way We Look at the Past

published Jul 27, 2017
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A 1914 photograph of painters on the Brooklyn Bridge (Image credit: Apartment Therapy Marketplace)

You know what they say: what’s old is new again. But far too often, what’s considered vintage or antique is just a shoddy replica of the real deal. Spend 5 minutes in a clothing store to see 1970’s band shirts printed on a thin tee, or take a seat in an uncomfortable Eames chair knockoff, and you’ll know what I mean. Since genuine old-school finds can be hard to find (or insanely expensive), what do you do when you want to honor the past in an authentic way? Spectrachrome Prints‘ historical art collection is here to help.

A 1920’s portrait of a tuba-playing woman = perfect kitschy art. (Image credit: Apartment Therapy Marketplace)

Looking at the beautifully detailed prints and clear passion involved in each piece, it’s not hard to believe that a photography major would be the force behind this brand. There’s something for everyone: World War 2 Red Cross advertisements for graphic design buffs, old photos of the NYC subway for history lovers, and even things like a mugshot of a fortune teller (which I’m obsessed with) for those with a fun sense of humor.

But as great as the variety clearly is, it’s not as easy as just finding an image and pressing print. The team at Spectrachrome Prints spends time carefully removing imperfections like dust and scratches, and “editing” the photos in a minimal way that only enhances the original details. Once the image has been artfully restored, it’s printed on high-quality paper that they guarantee to last for a lifetime.

The biggest selling point of Spectrachrome Prints (aside from the fact that they ship) is that they give you the ability to connect with the past in a meaningful way, letting you turn history into modern decor. If you’re in the mood to upgrade your home with a one-of-a-kind throwback, be sure to check out their corner on Apartment Therapy Marketplace. And if you end up grabbing the fortune teller mugshot, I predict a future of seriously cool decor.