Spend On This, Skimp On This

Spend On This, Skimp On This

Range Govindan
Aug 31, 2010

Like most people, I am on a tech budget. The amount of money that I can put towards any technology is usually well thought out. This is probably the situation of a lot of people, since the days of putting stuff on your credit card and paying later are hopefully gone.

Whenever you think about some tech that you need, you should first take a look at this handy guide to make your decision. I don't believe in changing my tech every year and try to spend at least 2-4 years with any new tech that I buy.

Although I've listed some reasons why you shouldn't buy the iPad, if you've been saving for a few weeks or months for this, and you think that it's the bee's knees, then you should go right ahead and get it. I'll admit that I've pondered using an iPad to read ebooks, but the fact that it won't accept many different formats is a bit of a problem.

The other thing that is really an issue is when you spend on tech using credit. I've learned over the last few years that it's a lot better to pay cash for tech than put it on your credit card. Many people have trouble grasping how expensive tech really is when purchased on credit. The better way is the old school way: saving up and paying cash. I've paid cash for a laptop, Nikon D200 with a lens, cellphones and Garmin GPS, as well as non-tech related buys like bikes.

If you have a doubt about a tech purchase, odds are that you shouldn't buy it. However, from time to time, if you've got the spare money and you want to treat yourself to some tech, and on top of it, you might really need it, then you should go ahead. Talking big purchases over with your significant other is also a good idea. Level heads will prevail.

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