Spike’s Biodegradable Business Bags

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We picked up our green-living Ideal Bite today, and learned about these biodegradable alternatives for picking up your pup’s poop. Spike’s Biodegradable Business Bags are made from corn (and apparently smell pretty good), and it takes them only 45 days to completely decompose.

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The ladies at Ideal Bite say, “Just wondering: why are you preserving dog poop?”

The Bite: “Think about it: by using regular plastic doggie bags to clean up after your best friend, that poop is kept, er, fresh for longer than you probably intended. So switch to biodegradable bags or use a pooper scooper. After all, it’s your doodie!”

One box contains 40 bags for $5.95, available online at 3r Living.

(Thanks, Heather and Jen!)