Spirulina Superfood On Tap!

Spirulina Superfood On Tap!

Cambria Bold
Oct 6, 2010

I spotted this algae tank on tap from The Algae Lab at West Coast Green. The scientists at The Algae Lab believe that algae is the green crop of the sustainable future. Algae can make impressive amounts of food or fuel all without the use of land, soil, or fresh water. It grows 100x faster than conventional crops, and can be harvested every day, producing much more than land crops, and some types of algae (like the kind seen on tap here) have amazing health benefits as food. And The Algae Lab wants you to grow your own, and is telling you exactly how you can do it.

Here's what Aaron Baum, PhD, says about algae's potential:

Algae is a way to grow really high quality food in a small area, on the surface of a body of water or in wastewater. Or you can grow algae in dilute urine which is an easy way to get the right nutrients and reduce your impact on the environment.
Most marine biologists consider that the number one danger to marine life is eutrophication, an excess of nutrients in the water from agricultural runoff due to application fertilizer. When it hits the ocean or lake, there are massive algae blooms. When they decay, they wipe out oxygen and everything dies.
If you can find a way to keep nutrients out of water, you reduce the size of dead zones. You can create controlled algae blooms, harvest algae and eliminate nutrients that way. Or you can take wastewater, give it to algae directly and absorb nutrients. You come out with clean water, fuel, food, fertilizer and extra oxygen. And on a small scale in your own house if you grow it in dilute urine, you reduce the fertilizer load on the local ecosystem.

The Algae Lab holds "Hands-On Home-Grow Algae workshop series" to teach you everything you need to know about growing this superfood and setting up your home farm. Click here for more information about signing up for a workshop (looks like they're mostly in California).

Regarding the algae I saw on tap above, because it's essentially a fish tank, I initially thought it was meant as a super-duper plant fertilizer, but now I'm thinking that it's also meant as a drink! Not sure if I'm right on that, though. I have a green superfood powder that I put into my smoothies that contains spirulina, but not sure how I feel about drinking it directly out of a large fish tank...

What about you?

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