Chore Wars: 3 Smart Strategies for Splitting Up Household Tasks

Chore Wars: 3 Smart Strategies for Splitting Up Household Tasks

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 15, 2015

If you share a space, then you've no doubt faced the battle of the chores! Keeping up a home is hard and when multiple people are involved, and figuring out who is responsible for what can get confusing. If you've outgrown the camp-style chore chart, consider these three strategies for divvying up the duties fairly.

By Task

It's always a good idea to let people play to their strengths so consider splitting up the work task by task to let each person totally take ownership of a few areas. For example, some people hate doing the dishes with a fiery passion but can load the laundry, no problem. If you can sit down and each "claim" certain tasks that you can stand, it will make chore time a little happier for everyone.

By Time

If you're concerned about fairness, then estimating the time it takes to do each task and making sure that each party is spending the same amount of their week towards home upkeep is the most equal allocation. You can always do the same tasks, or rotate them to keep it interesting but doing it this way ensures that one person doesn't spend forever on the hard tasks while others float by with a quick sweep once in a while.

By Week

Here's an interesting strategy that was a new one to me: split up all chores week to week (or, if you want to go crazy, month by month). The idea here is that each person takes a week and does everything. It's a lot of work for that short period, but allows the other people involved to get a real break where they don't need to even think about cleaning at all. Worth it? Maybe.

Remember, no matter how you split up the tasks, everyone will have a busy week and need a break once in a while, so kindness and understanding of those you live with will get you everywhere.

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