Spoiled Brats Pet Food & Supplies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Spoiled Brats is a healthy mix of loud mouth New York attitude and organic, holistic mindfulness. Providing organic and all natural food, vitamins and supplements for dogs, cats, fish and birds, they can work with “every dietary situation” to spoil your brat.

Marcus says: The sheer variety of good dog and cat foods is unbelievable, and the staff is fantastic. It’s a little hole in the wall (with rescued cats wandering through the store, rubbing up against the customers and hoping to be adopted) but it’s got a dedicated customer base in the neighborhood – the PetLand Discounts that opened half a block away several years ago hasn’t seemed to hurt them at all.

CitySearch says: Highly recommended. A favorite.

(Edited from original post on 1.20.05 – MGR)