Spooky Specimens: Perfect Plants For Halloween

Spooky Specimens: Perfect Plants For Halloween

Tess Wilson
Sep 23, 2011

Sure, you could buy scary Halloween decorations at the store, but some of the creepiest options can be found at a garden center, flower shop, or growing in your very own yard. Proceed with caution!

  1. This gorgeous seed pod is from Datura "Purple Metel". I believe it is a relative of the beautiful-but-toxic Angel's Trumpet's we've discussed before. I see quite a few Angel's Trumpets growing in San Francisco, so perhaps a generous neighbor would share a few spiky pods.
  2. The lipstick plant is fascinating for so many reasons: its rich pigment was used as body paint in South America and is currently used as a food coloring, and just look how cool it is! This amazing photo is by Gather and Nest, but they really do glow like that.
  3. Pitcher plants look like they would be more than happy to eat my entire arm, python-style. They really want to eat bugs but what if there aren't any bugs around, just an unsuspecting girl?
  4. Fiddlehead ferns are wonderful in bouquets (and on the plate, I hear), but around Halloween their sweet spirals have a bit of a tentacle vibe, don't you think? Watch out.
  5. Rattlesnake Master is prized for its awesome name, its status as a native prairie plant, and the year-round interest (spike-tipped foliage, white globe flowers, attractive seed heads) it provides. Plus, look how spiky and dangerous it looks!
  6. I have a confession: I attempt to put Eryngium (known as "thistle" in the floral trade though they're not thistles) in almost every bouquet I make. Blue-grey-green eryngium with orangey-red flowers is an especially killer combination. But for now, we'll just think about how deadly this looks, like a living mace.
  7. I'm still not entirely convinced that protea ("pincushion") isn't made of plastic. It feels like plastic, I know that, and it's stunning. Pincushions come in a great Halloween orange, and look like they might ensnare small children.
  8. Thanks to She Simmers Thai Home Cooking, I now know that it's possible to eat lotus pod seeds, either raw or dry. You just pop them out of the pod, but how? All of its eyes are watching me! I wouldn't dare.
  9. No Halloween would be complete without plenty of brains. Lithops are crazy desert plants that look like tiny brains, and they freak me out.
  10. Celosia is also known as cockscomb or brainflower, and a row of it in your garden will make you look like the neighborhood mad scientist.

Any other freaky favorites?

Images: 1. Heavenly Products 2. Gather and Nest 3. Plant Of The Week 4. Miss Pug's Pawfect Wedding 5. 6. University of Washington Botanic Gardens 7. Public Domain Images 8. She Simmers 9. JTScience 10. First Come Flowers

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