Spotlight: Decoradar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Off the wall. Usually we spotlight a master furniture builder or craftsman each week, where the execution is as much the point as the concept. Not this week.

Deocoradar is a new decorative service started by two young artists, Elisheva Biernoff and Jen Smith, and it is meant to bring conceptual art to a wall near you. The kitchen above is part of a new show opening this Friday, in which one gets to wake up and cook breakfast in a space that is a “commentary on the disorienting and often nostalgic experience of flight travel.”

While this combines iconic images and personal narrative, we are not sure it is meant as an advertisement for what they can do in your home, as much as how far they intend to push the comfort zone of interior design. Hello Prada.

Decoradar can be found at ROLLINS, 105 Bowery (Grand & Hester), this Thursday for an opening reception from 6-9pm. MGR