Spotlight On: Jen Talbot Designs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jen Talbot is part artist, part designer, part crafter and part dreamer. Her current work creating custom spaces for children is a mashup of fairytales, childhood fantasies and nature with wool felt as the primary medium. A life-size lemon tree? Oh yes.

Based in Chicago, Jen has a fine arts background and brings this mindset to her current work: “As a designer, I love the space in between art and décor and to examine the point at which they begin to intersect, finding the things that blur the boundaries. I view the world with the eyes of an artist, and love the challenge to fill a room with objects that push the very definition of décor.”

Jen has been on our radar for awhile and we’re thrilled about her new website, Jen Talbot Designs, where you can see many beautiful photos of her imaginative work (as well as contact her about working with you on a room or piece). We also love perusing her blog, Cup of Coco, where she often shares progress reports of her projects and behind the scenes insight.

We can’t wait to see what springs forth from the mind and hands of Jen next!