Because Not Everything Has To Cost A Fortune

Because Not Everything Has To Cost A Fortune

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 9, 2008

Many of us don't have the luxury of spending more than a few dollars on our living spaces. Silly things like bills, food and doctor's appointments always seem more important. But who can resist adding a little spunk to your space for under 7 dollars. All of the items after the jump were found at a local discount retailer for less than $5, add spray paint, and you have yourself a new found treasure. Click through to see what we found...


All of these items were found at a major discount retailer in Independence, Missouri. They were all $5 or less (most were under that price) and with the addition of spray paint (Store brands are a buck, Name brands are $3-5) you can splurge a little on your space. See what we found below...

A plain old cookie sheet ($2) can be used as part of a table setting, turned into a table top, or used to hold breakfast in bed. Look for spray paints that are meant for metal and be sure to read if they require a primer first. Some do and some don't. If you have to buy two cans, don't forget about the extra cost!

These mirrors ($1.50) would be fantastic in an array of colors, or all one color. If you're feeling frisky you can etch a design on each one (maybe a bird? or the almost-tired mustache shape?). Either way, grouped together in a space, they are sure to be a hit.

This giant wall mirror ($5) feels a bit overwhelming in it's original color/stain. A nice white will make the scroll work feel lighter and will do wonders for taking the visual weight out of the piece. Or go the opposite and make it bright pink; just make sure to do light thin coats. Remember, you can always add more, but smoothing out drips on a piece like this can be more than you bargained for.

These pillar stands (?) were an interesting find ($2-3). They were solid on both ends, but with the help of a Dremel tool, you could turn them into floor vases or table vases in a jiffy (if you're super handy with the dremel, eliminating the middle of each circle is also a possibility). Mask off the spots if you wish to paint them a separate color, or paint them a solid color to bring some texture into your space. Be sure to wear a mask when dremel-ing!

This branch bowl ($4) isn't unfortunate the way it is. It could use a good cleaning. We would love to see the ends of this piece dipped in plastic-coat ($5-10 at your local hardware store) to give them a rubbery effect. The same look can be achieved by masking off the ends of each limb and hitting them with spray paint instead. Giving it a two-toned effect can coordinate with art and accessories already in your space.

Don't forget to look past the ghastly colors of finds you come across while bargain hunting. There's no need to be scared of gold trim or the wrong shade for your room. It's all in your hands now!

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