Spray-On Sunscreen: Non-Greasy Way to Keep Kids Safe

Spray-On Sunscreen: Non-Greasy Way to Keep Kids Safe

Range Govindan
Aug 25, 2011

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, but that didn't stop us from discovering some new sunscreens to protect you and your little ones from the harsh rays of the sun. These spray-on sunscreens are quick to put on, cool you down, and allow for non-greasy coverage of skin, which is something that we love. We've been testing some of them out this summer and they worked pretty well. Here are some of the ones available.

Living in a sub-tropical climate can be brutal if you're not used to it. The sun hits hard, hard enough to make you sick (headaches, sunburns) if you're not careful. It gets even worse during the summer months. During a recent trip to a pharmacy, I discovered something that I hadn't come across before. I've been aware of the dangers of the sun, especially since my wife is a redhead, but since I have brown skin, I rarely concerned myself with sunscreen.

The spray-on suncreen we tested was from Neutrogena's line and it was very effective. Application was a cinch, and the mist had the added benefit of actually cooling us down while we sprayed it on. It's non-greasy, so you don't feel sticky after you put it on. It protected us well during the last few months. These sunscreens are usually sweatproof and most come in waterproof versions. Some of the sprays for adults and kids can go up to SPF100+, but SPF30-85+ usually does the trick in most situations. When used diligently, a one of these spray-on sunscreen cans can be quickly used up, so its best to keep a spare.

1. Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids SPF 70+: This is definitely a nice spray-on sunscreen. The one we tried had a light scent to it, so it wasn't fragrance-free. We didn't know its effectiveness, so we applied it per the instructions, and updated it a few hours later (this summer, it's been about 100°F when it didn't rain). It worked very well and we didn't get burned. It can be applied on dry or wet skin.

2. Coppertone Kids Continuous Spray SPF70+: This sunscreen is photostable, and offers broad spectrum protection (most of these sprays offer this). It comes with a vitamin to further enhance the skin's protection.

3. KINeSYS Kids SPF30: This is a microspray, kind of like the Nivea's Kid's Caring Sun Spray and has the added benefit of a non-aerosol can. The Nivea sunscreen is adequate, but not as pleasant as the ones that come in an aerosol can. This also means that the Nivea sunscreen will apply in larger-sized gobs that will need to be rubbed on, instead of a mist. The KINeSYS is a microspray, so it applies in a mist.

4. Huggies Little Swimmers Continuous Spray SPF50: Like the other sprays, this one has a non-rub application and will get into those hard to reach places.

5. Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free Continuous Lotion Spray SPF 50: Just like many of the sprays above, this one is also alcohol-free.

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