Spraypaint Thrifted Glassware For Pretty Pedestals

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Making a pretty table has as much to do with the serving pieces as it does the food being served. With a few super cheap thrift store finds, you can make your own colorful pedestals to serve up everything under the rainbow… on a rainbow if you wish.

We’ve seen flower pots, wooden finials and deck parts, and even paper partyware made into cake plates, but more than anything we’re loving this thrifted look.

These spray painted masterpieces are shiny, sleek and make good use of items that would most likely otherwise remain at the thrift store until they’re dust covered. Painting them allows you to match them to whatever party color is in the moment. Chances are you can make each one for just a few dollars (literally), especially if you already have paint on hand!

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